At Chooz Marketing, we believe that your website is your company's digital storefront. You need a customized website that stands above your competitors. We are your #1 choice for building a website that will improve your company's bottom line.

Ed Dus, Founder, Chooz X

Web Sites Built to Convert

For businesses, having a "good" web site is very important. It is the virtual face of your company. If constructed in the right way, your site is a collection of pages that each serves a specific purpose. You shouldn't blindly send every user to your home page when they click on an ad or do a Google Search. Your web site should have landing pages with targeted messages for each customer that visits your website.

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Important Considerations For Your Website

    • Customized Web Design
      • It is vital to have a simple, easy to navigate landing pages.  Make sure you have an eye-catching hero image. Social proof and press coverage are also necessary. They instill confidence and build trust with prospective clients. Lastly, make sure you have multiple calls-to-action so that customers can quickly take action.

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        • Search Engine Optimized
        • Your web site should be search-engine-optimized (SEO). Search engines such as Google should be able to easily crawl your website and identify what kind of product or service your company provides. Ultimately, it doesn't matter how good your web site looks if nobody can find it. So we need to make sure the search engines can crawl your website and get it ranked on the first page.

          • Security

            The security of your law firm's web site is, obviously, paramount. Using the right hosting provider, continually monitoring your website, and backing up your website is essential to maintaining a secure web site. Lastly, virus attacks and service interuptions happen on occasion. If they do, you will need a team that can get your firm's website up and running right away.

          • Speed
          • The speed of your law firm's website is important for two reasons. First, if your web site is slow, users will not wait around for it to load. They will visit a competitor's page instead. Second, the speed of your website is a search engine ranking factor. Your site is more likely to rank on the first page if it is fast.

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              • Mobile Responsive
                • The percentage of internet traffic that is mobile is around 50 percent and growing.  Many websites are not responsive to mobile devices, which can cause user experience problems and significant drops in revenue. We will make sure your website is mobile-friendly!

                  Reasons to Team up With us for Your Website.

                  The landing pages on your company's website need to communicate a targeted message to each visitor. We are committed to building your website to optimize conversions and increase your firm's client base.

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