At Chooz Marketing, we believe your company can't afford to waste money on cookie-cutter digital marketing solutions. You need a team of talented individuals dedicated to helping your business build authoritative brand awareness. We are your company's #1 choice to for authority link building.

Ed Dus, Founder, Chooz X

What is Authority Building?

Other companies call this "link building," but we prefer to call it authority building. Ultimately, link building is one piece of the overall strategy of increasing your company's brand authority.  Link building is the process of having other websites point links to your business website. For example, let' say your company sells custom widgets that nobody else in the country makes. A blog owner writes an article reviewing these widgets and sends a link to your website; this would qualify as a "backlink" to your site. These types of actions by other websites are a signal to search engines and also prospective clients and customers that your business is the expert authority about these widgets.

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High quality links to you website

More About Building Brand Authority

Authority building isn't just about getting links to your company's website. Links from sites that are not high-quality websites, or have no relevance to your website, will not help build your search engine rankings. The ultimate goal of authority building is to increase your search engine rankings and to build brand authority.

Brand Authority Building Process


First, we look at your company's brand authority by analyzing the quality of the content and links pointed at your site. We look at your current PR strategy to see if there is one in place. We identify broken links and links that are not helping your site's brand authority. If you don't have a website yet, or there is barely any content, then we automatically move to the second step, which is the strategy phase.


We search for and identify partnerships that can benefit your business. Then we devise a content marketing strategy. We conduct keyword and competitor research to determine the content types that are being shared and posted by other websites and blogs related to your business type. Lastly, we aggregate a list of  bloggers and influencers whom we target during the outreach phase.


Once we have developed the content strategy and identified the partnerships that will help build your company's brand authority, we contact those websites on your behalf. We approach other website owners, bloggers, and influencers with a value proposition that is beneficial to the website that is linking to your site or posting your content. They will have relevance to your company's business type and geography. 


After developing a customized content strategy and starting the outreach process, we will begin providing your company with monthly reports about the links we have secured. Also, you will be able to see the type of content we are using to build your company's brand authority. We are focused on creating a digital moat around your company and securing search engine rankings for many years to come.

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Press Releases and Trust Signals

A significant trust signal that will improve your company's search engine rankings and increase brand equity with customers and clients are press releases. Using our strategic partnerships, we will be able to publish content to over fifty major newspaper, radio, and TV authorities in the United States. These press releases are visible for ninety days and then are permanently archived. They are hight authority media sites that will help your law firm establish expertise, authority, and trust.

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Other Ways We Build Your Brand Authority

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    Game Planning

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    Paid Ads

    Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads managed and optimized

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    Content Marketing

    Strategically formulated to engage and convert

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    We optimize your Google My Business listing to outperform other law firms in the map pack

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    Establishing authoritative relationships with industry leaders and influencers

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    Landing pages that are optimized to convert 

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    Social Media

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    Website Design

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Your Law Firm Will Stand Above The Rest

Building authority with high-quality links and trust signals is one of the best ways to increase your company's search engine rankings and increase client conversion rates. We put together a customized content strategy, author the content with niche-specific writers, and then do outreach to promote your content and your business. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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