At Chooz Marketing, we believe every business, including your law firm, needs to actively engage with prospective clients on social media. We will handle all of the heavy lifting to make sure your firm gets increased visibility from all of your social media channels.

Ed Dus, Founder, Chooz X

What Is Social Media Manamgement?

It is the process scheduling, creating, and engaging with content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For lawyers, social media presents a beneficial way for you to engage with current and prospective clients. Often, people will look to your law firm's social platforms as their primary avenue of communication with your firm. It is easier for them to connect with your firm through a social media platform because people visit their profile pages with such regularity.

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Social media is an excellent place for your law firm to keep followers informed about press releases, content releases, and about the lawyers at the firm. You can release blog posts and answer questions that potential clients might have.

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How Social Media Management Benefits Your Law Firm

Posting and engaging with social media will increase your law firm's visibility and authority. Even if a social media user does not currently need legal help, it helps to post continuously. This will translate into referrals, which then become life long clients for your legal services.

How We Manage Your Social Media?

    • Posting
      • We will save you time by posting your content on all of your firm's social media platforms for you. If we create content for your firm, then we will schedule it to be posted on your social media profiles automatically. If there is a press release or piece of content that you want posted, send it in, and we will post it on all of your platforms.

      • Analysis
        • We will not directly engage with any of the people that are posting on your firm's social media pages. Instead, we provide reports that give you insights about how clients are engaging with your business pages.

        • Monitor
          • If users are posting comments or leaving reviews on one of your pages and it warrants your firm's attention, then we will notify you. This allows your firm to respond to a current or prospective client.

            Integrating Your Social Media Into the Big Picture Marketing Plan

            We offer social media management as a value-added service to the law firms we work with because it is a natural extension of the entire digital marketing picture. Please contact us if you have any questions about any of our other services.

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