At Chooz Marketing, we believe that a lawyer's Google My Business page is just as important as your website. You need a team of talented individuals dedicated to optimizing your page in the maps results. We are your law firm's #1 choice for increasing your getting your law firm seen in the maps.

Ed Dus, Founder, Chooz X
What Is The Google My Business Page?

When a user conducts an online search for a local attorney, most of the time, there are three main sections on the first page of the search results. The first is the Google Ads section. After the ads, there is the Google My Business section, also known as the "Map Pack." Third, are the organic search results. The GMB section is one of the most prominent parts of the first page, if not the most.

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Google is aggressively featuring the GMB area. They are consistently building features that your law firm can put on your GMB for a reason. It is essential to have a well-managed strategy for optimizing your law firm's GMB for maximum visibility.

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What Is So Compliacted About Listing My Law Firm On My GMB?

A lot of people think that the Google My Business section doesn't need to be optimized because it is based on your law firm's location. They believe that all you need to do is put in your law firm's information and keep it up to date, and the rest will take care of itself. The reality is that your lawyers need to optimize their Google My Business page as much as their website.

How Can Lawyers Optimize Their GMB

    • Descriptions
      • In 750 characters or less, you can describe your law firm. Here are some of the guidelines. It is important to fill this out as thoroughly as possible because it helps Google and prospective clients understand the specifics about your law practice.

      • Google Posts
        • Think of Google Posts like the mini GMB version of blog posts for your website. Your firm can use up to 300 words per post to keep current clients and prospective clients up-to-date on firm news. 

        • Information
          • Make sure that all of your law firm's basic information is correctly filled out. Doing this will help with both clients and search rankings.

          • Messaging
            • This section allows your clients to message you directly. It enables lawyers to engage with clients and answer their questions. This is a valuable source of lead generation.

            • Reviews
              • This one is self-explanatory. Positive reviews are good, but even better are positive reviews that talk about your law firm using specific keywords. We help lawyers generate more positive reviews with the right keywords.

              • Insights
                • This helps lawyers see information about what search terms people are using to locate your law firm. You can also track the number of phone calls you have had via your GMB listing.

                  Team Up With Chooz Lawyers For Your GMB.

                  Your law firm's GMB information is what shows up on the Maps section when a prospective client is searching for a local attorney. There is a misconception that this maps section is location-based. Proximity to the user is essential, but other factors are just as important. Managing this takes time, and you have to have an agency that can get you ranked at the top of the map pack.

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